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How to use male necklace?

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Good jewelry for men should look natural — like you’ve been wearing it for years, after it was given to you by your grandfather, who wore it for years before you. Having this feeling is what I’ve liked most at Shackgold jewellery designs. Based in Bali, they create unique unisex jewellery. All Handcrafted and Hand polished on 925 silver.


Men’s jewelry can seriously amp up your personal sense of style. Most men who wear necklaces well won’t be noticeable for their jewelry. You’ll just see them as “stylish,” and then notice the accents over time. With an ever-increasing roll call of the coolest man in the world now opting for the men’s necklace (Gosling, Hemsworth, Rocky just to mention a few) Now is a good time for you to experiment a chain over your head.

In men’s jewelry, necklaces are considered one of the hardest items to wear. Men can and do look great wearing necklaces and even check teamwide mindset of playing It just takes a little know-how. From picking the right pendant and length of chain to how you can fit it effortlessly into your already assembled wardrobe.

Each one of us has undertones in our skin that will look great with certain metals and textiles. The way that you determine what metal looks best on you is to try on pieces. Use the following tips to determine your skin tone: Look at you skin in natural light and find a spot wear veins are noticeable (your wrist is usually a good choice)

Necklaces should be minimalistic and slim so that they allow your clothing to be the focal point of your aesthetic. The key is to elect more masculine, versatile pieces which can be worn countlessly and most classically.

An oxidised sterling silver chain offers a more masculine and timeless vibe with the colour shade working best in winter months underneath tailoring and next to navy blues and greys. A yellow gold chain is brighter creating a contrast that really pops against black while complimenting warmer tones like orange and brown.

Match your metals. A gold watch should match the color of your ring, the embellishments on your shoes, and the shade of your belt buckle. This is key to mastering a put-together look. Jewelry is an enhancement to a man’s outfit.


The most common length of the chain is between 18 and 22 inches, which will sit just below your collarbone while a long necklace will be around 26 to 30 inches long with the pendant hanging around your chest area. A longer chain will help elongate the neck while drawing attention to a broad chest, while a shorter chain will be more readily visible.

Wide neck requires a longer necklace. The longer length has a more relaxed feel for a night out, while the shorter length is to be worn with more formal pieces like a shirt. Also try layering multiple chains and experimenting with varying lengths at any one time, with beads working particularly well in a shorter length against a longer chain.

Long pendant-style necklaces work well over either a loose crew neck or a V-neck T-shirt so the pendant follows the line of the V. If you do want to wear it with tailoring, go for an open neck shirt with a simple chain showing at the neck of the shirt.


Keep it classic and basic with this one. A gold or silver chain that’s thin and short isn’t too loud and will look effortlessly cool when paired with a simple t-shirt. And though you can tuck them under your shirt, we suggest keeping necklaces to a minimum or wearing them in more low-key settings.

Long chains are good for pendants, but often hide them underneath your shirt. The ornaments attached to them will generally only be worn outside very casual outfits, meaning you’ll need a V-neck or a few open buttons if you want the pendant to be visible.

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